How We Farm

Smart Crop Rotation

We utilise a wide rotation of crops to ensure sustainability and resilience. We grow winter & spring varieties of wheat, barley and beans, as well as growing oilseed rape and spring oats. Cover crops and organic manures are also used within our rotation plans to add yet more diversity contributing towards strong soil health and organic matter levels.

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Controlled Traffic Farming

We have been deploying CTF (Controlled Traffic Farming) for three years to dramatically increase soil structure health, helping to maintain high yields.

What is CTF:
CTF is an innovative and progressive means of farming that helps increase soil structure health by reducing the percentage of a field which has had a tractor drive over it. The more a field is driven over by a tractor the poorer the soil structure due to soil compaction and pressure. By utilising state of art the GPS guidance and top of the range equipment we dramatically minimise this. We use a 12m/36m system, ensuring that only 17% of a field's soil has a tractor run over it! This allows the fields that we farm to have a healthy soil structure leading to stronger and higher yielding crops.

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Bespoke Argonomy

At Driver Farms we deliver and manage all our own agronomy, with both Carl and Adam being BASIS qualified agronomists on the professional register. Unlike some other business, we don't rely on external agronomists to decide what agronomic husbandry techniques to employ but instead use years of previous experience to deliver bespoke independent agronomy tailored to each and every field. A rigorous research routine ensures we stay right up to date with the latest developments, regularly seeking the best up to date advice from select independent agronomy advice groups.

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Proficient fleet of new modern machinery

Up to date and leading modern machinery, well maintained to provide the highest level of service minimising downtime and increasing efficiency.

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Grain Storage

Carl Driver is a Director of Camgrain, the largest Farmer owned co-operative grain store in the country, working closely with leading supermarkets and millers. Driver Farms and its clients have considerable tonnage in Camgrain. This allows us to increase our harvesting efficiency, especially in wet years, also allowing subsequent operations to be carried out without interruption. Grain is quickly moved off farm, to be stored and looked after by professionals at the most advanced grain storage facility in the country. We also operate on farm storage at our home base and for customers. All our grain is fully insured and covered by credit insurance at 85%.

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We care passionately about the environment, providing a respectful approach to the ecosystem and to the wishes of the land owner. We stay up to date with all EU regulations.

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